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We are Hackers and Private Investigators at your service. Every member of this organization is experienced in their various niches. We have Hackers, Cyber Security Experts, Private investigators and much more as employees. When this team was assembled, we had the goal of solving complex problems and doing the impossible for our clients all over the world, while treating every request with utmost confidentiality. We strive to have the fastest response times, fastest customer service and fastest project completions. We have spent years developing cutting edge technology and spend every single day working on improving so our clients get the very best. No one else can guarantee results. If we cannot complete your project no one else anywhere can. Hacking is not a crime if the purpose is not malicious. While all the doors are closed, the digital door (Phone/Social Media/Computer etc) are the only way to unlock the truth. The white hat is here at your service. Reach out to discover the shocking information about your friends and family. Do you need help to remove something from the web or update a database record? Don't worry! We got your back.



From Turkey

Was a victim of blackmail when someone used my identity to post web articles that weren't from me on various websites. As soon as i contacted EthicalGeekHacker , they were able to take down the article and even the websites containing those trash.Big Ups!

Eric Valerie

CEo & Founder

They are simply the best because,they helped me clear my bankrupcy records and i was able to access the loan that i needed.

Adams Williams

Former Chief Editor

I lost my funds to some binary options scam through an online website, searched for help on some forums that was how i came across ethical geek hacker. i was able to track down the owner of the website that cart away my money. They got them to recover my funds for me. I'm thankful to them they were able to come through for me when all hope was lost


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William Lewis

Penetration Test Engineer

Rodney Cooper

Digital Forensic Investigator

Richard Woods

Information & Security Analyst

Anthony Stones

Cyber Investigation Analyst